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“It is the dialect of the idea that makes up the movement of history.” (Hegel) As one of the manufacturers of high quality ‘’freight lift elevators’’ in Turkey in compliance with the European standards(CE), Bogazici Platform is in this sector for a long time and also makes different, unique products and solutions & As per the quality standards, it has moved on to carry out the latest development in technology. We would like to introduce ourselves as one who can fulfill your demands on the quality and feasibility of your orders and will ask you please to review our Web page at We can produce all capacities of Hydraulic and scissor-type lifts as we have been doing for almost twenty years and exporting our products to many countries. Our aim as Bogazici Platform is to reach the best transition method of substituting traditional methods with the possibilities of modern technology and to provide you a safe, high-quality product. As it directly concerns human life and his safety, It is impossible to accept mistakes in the lift and elevator sector, so we carry out all our assembly steps with zero-error and full performance check also Bogazici Platform never use poor quality materials in its machines. In case of prices policy, This is being ensured that we do offer the best reasonable prices in comparison of high quality and keeping schedules as being defined to our buyers. We normally send along our detailed drawings to ease the installation activities, but in case of large projects and demand for at-site assistance, we may forward our specialists to supervise the assembly and installations. Since there are many variable items which affect pricing (Such as different travel distances, numbers of landings, variable security precautions as including cabin, safety handrails, types of doors, types of display systems and ….. ) There is no fixed price list and we calculate the price for any Project separately. Also to cope with what exactly our customer wishes, we preferably base our prices on Ex-Work delivery at our workshop in Istanbul and leave the whole shipment items to the buyer but still it’s possible to prepare offers in any desired format.
World’s developing technology closely. Our scissor lifts are domestic production. We have sales, renting and aftersale services for working platforms. Domestic producing scissor lifts dream comes to our past experience and strengths. We aim to be leader in this sector by our corporate structure. You can access to height you need with 6, 8, 10, 12m battery powered, self propelled or manually 220V powered scissor lifts by MSF series. Customers who wish to use rental services, we present our product MSF series platforms and the world known company brands Genie’s platform.
Ege Atilgan Endustriyel Makina Ins. Tutun Ic ve Dis Ticaret A.S. was established in order to render service in relation with scissor lifts, platforms and ramps, and has become a significant destination to solve the problems in its field by means of the experience and knowledge for years. Our company has focused on works related with production and revision of scissor lifts, table-type lifts, ramps, scissor load platforms, disabled lifts, specially designed person and load lifting platforms and load elevators, CNC, NC and plasma machines in various sizes according to the required sensitiveness by extending the range of service and production in the course of time.